Save Bandwidth – Disable Windows 10 Update Sharing

Windows 10 comes with a lot of nifty new features; some of them are helpful, and some can be downright annoying. One of the new features adds update sharing, which has good intentions, but may cause issues on slow connections with multiple computers sharing the same line. In the past, Windows Update had to download updates individually from Microsoft per computer. Update sharing allows one computer to download updates, and share these files with other computers on the same network to save bandwidth. This is a good option, because the internet connection is only used once to download for all […]

Windows 10 Performance Boost – Mini Review

I’ve been skeptical of new versions of Windows for a while. I was a die-hard XP user, and loved Windows 7, but my primary work PC for day to day computing was dedicated to a laptop running Ubuntu 14.04. While Ubuntu itself did not provide all of the software I needed, it allowed me to accomplish most tasks, while simply delegating Windows software to an XP virtual Machine. As the years rolled on, Ubuntu was starting to get on my nerves, with small annoyances and hardware incompatibilities. Even though I wanted to give Windows another try, I felt Windows 8 […]

Windows 10 Upgrade Caution

If you are ready to make the switch to Windows 10, please make sure your software is fully compatible with the upgrade. Some software has been known to cause issues when upgrading to Windows 10, leading to a computer that is not fully usable. The Cisco VPN Client Version 5 is NOT compatible, and will cause all network connections to be unusable and possibly irreparable, requiring a reinstall of Windows. The safest option when upgrading is to remove any programs you do not need before the upgrade, and reinstall them after the upgrade. Programs which may be best to remove […]