How to Properly Log Off of a Terminal Server

When you’re finished using your Terminal Server, the best option is to log off or sign out. Normally, when you click the X button to “disconnect” from the server, all your programs continue to run in the background. This is similar to turning off your monitor, but leaving the computer running. Because a server is shared between you and everyone else in your company, leaving your session logged continues to use resources that could be freed up for other users.

To keep things speedy for you and everyone else in your company, please remember to “Sign Out” when you are finished working. This is accomplished from the Start screen by clicking your name in the upper right corner, and clicking “Sign Out”. This not only frees up resources for other users, but also helps clean up memory between sessions, fixing common problems such as slow apps and printer problems.

Please see below for an example video of how to sign out of a terminal server. Please ensure you do this on the server, as doing it on your local PC will have no benefit.

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